Love moves in!

Good times in the Kingdom this weekend! Headed out into the streets with Sean Hampton to spread the Father’s Love. So many people were touched by Him.

This is how good God is and how great He Loves! This last Saturday Sean and I had walked to the downtown plaza after a few precious encounters with people. I noticed a man sitting all alone at about 100 or so feet from where we were standing as we were asking our Father to show us who He would like us to Love. I felt God wanted me to speak with him. I quickly realized this was the same person that I had met a few weeks ago that had only responded to me with explicit words and would greatly appreciate it if I was not in his presence.

I asked my Father . . . Father, I know You love this man and you want to express Your Love . . . show me how to break through his wall cause only You know how. He said, offer to buy him a meal.

So I walked over there and I don’t know if he recognized me but it didn’t matter God was going to break through his wall. I just knew it. I quickly spoke and said something to this affect . . . I noticed you sitting over here and felt like I want to buy you a meal. Do you mind if I by you a meal? His stern and angry countenance changed to one of a suspicious disbelief. He responded with . . . no I don’t mind. I said, Great! What would you like. He said, A big mac, maybe one of those meals. I said, you got it. What kind of drink would you like. He said, coke. He then asked why I was doing this . . .

. . . that is when the walls came down and my Father’s Love entered in. We spoke for at least 30 minutes or so it felt. He told me many things and God spoke to him, encouraging and saturating him with love so deeply I was blown away!

I told him I need to leave and find my friend and go get him his food and began to walk off. He got up and signaled me to stop. He walked over and started to give me money asking me to buy him some cigarettes. I said I couldn’t accept his money for that but Holy Spirit spoke to me saying buy it for him. So I said would get the cigarettes for him. He was like no no no you don’t have to do that. I said if money wasn’t an option what brand would you like. He said Marlboros . . . Marlboro 100s but those are really expensive just get me the cheap ones. I said nope I’ll get you the best.

Some would criticize me for this and that is ok but just letting you know this is something I typically don’t do but I felt I was suppose too.

So I left to go to the corner store about a block a way to get smokes. On my way I met another individual that I met a few weeks ago . . . Thomas. Spoke with him for a little bit. He was a bit intoxicated. I asked if he needed anything. He did. A Dr. Pepper. I said I’ll get you a Dr. Pepper.

I entered the store, got the Dr. Pepper and waited in line. In line, I noticed the young woman at the cash registar didn’t look so good. It was finally my time to purchase the cigarettes and Dr. Pepper. I asked her how are things and she said fine. Then I said you’re not feeling that well are you. She said no. I asked if I could pray for her right now and she said yes. So I began to pray and was prompted by Holy Spirit to hold her hand. I asked her if that was ok. She said yes. Spoke the blessing power of God’s Love over her and for healing right over the counter. I asked her how she was feeling. She said better! She thanked me and I left. I gave Thomas his Dr. Pepper and blessed him with God’s Love. Then I gave my friend his cigarettes and he was shocked. He couldn’t believe it.

I left to get him the food I had promised and found Sean. He introduced me to his new friend Andy, I think . . . and said he was going to buy him a meal. I said that’s too funny I am doing the same thing but I need to get McDonalds. We worked out the details and Sean ended up taking him to get some pretty premium choicer burgers. Talk to Sean about that. It’s a whole other story and it’s awesome

Long story a little shorter I returned with the food and met my friend Robin. Gave him the food and he was beyond grateful. He thanked by immensely and I told him God loved him so much he brought a guy from Rio Rancho to downtown ABQ to buy him lunch and show him love.

He couldn’t believe what had happened. He asked what church I went to. I told him New Life City. He said I am going to go there. I said that is great, but that is not why I bought you food and why I am out here. It’s because God Loves you so much. It is not about getting you to come to my church. He said, I know but it sounds like your church is amazing and I would like to go. Thankfully I keep some life group business cards on me but had no pen. Robin said no worries on the pen and quickly and eagerly let me borrow his. I wrote down our service times.

Crazy awesome how flowing in His Love opens doors greater then what you could ever imagine. That is the Kingdom of God. Always available, Always moving, Always including!

Step into His presence today, be available and see what He will do through you!