Moris – I love your dogs!

After church Khaia and I stopped at Sprouts to get some vegetables and fruits for the coming week. We are always on the look out for people to Love. Talked to many. Blessed a few and checked out.

As we were walking towards the door, a man in a wheel chair with a women was in the front sitting down. He was busy drinking a gallon of water and really guzzling it down. We paused a bit to see if he was gonna stop but he kept on guzzling. So I thought, we’ll put the produce in the car and come back.

As I was loading up the car the two came out of the store. Then in a split second it hit me. We were parked by a handicap spot. Parking there would not have happened if it wasn’t for someone else taking the space I was heading to park in. There are no coincidences. I knew this was their van and we would have the opportunity to pray for them (so if your parking spot gets swiped from you look at it from a different perspective – it’s just another opportunity πŸ™‚ )

Sure enough they went over to the white van and began loading it up. Khaia and I walked over and asked if we could take their shopping cart. They agreed and were very grateful. As I grabbed the cart their dogs came out of their van. A small black chihuahua and a medium size black dog. They ran down the wheel chair ramp that was installed on the vehicle and ran around their masters all excited. I started talking with them and asked if I could pray for them. Again they agreed. His name was Moris. He specifically wanted prayer for stress and worry he was battling.

We prayed for the Peace that passes all understanding to come rain on his stress and worry. We spoke life into him and his wife. I asked if he felt better and he said yes and that he did feel the Peace! Yah God!!!

As we were walking away with the shopping cart, Moris said that was odd. Curious, I stopped and asked, “what was odd?”

He said the little chihuahua dog, I can’t remember it’s name, does not like people at all. He said he actually goes nuts and becomes very aggressive – barking, growling – you know how chihuahuas can get when they get their doggie undies in a bundies.
But the dog didn’t even bark once. It actually jumped in the lamp of Moris while we were praying like it knew us.

Then Moris said “The Lord must really like what you are doing cause, insert dog name here, was totally fine!”

That was pretty fun cause I wouldn’t have thought for once that his dog was vicious. It was completely at home.

Living in His Peace!

Peace of the Kingdom of God come upon you in Jesus name!

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