Downtown Afternoon Encounters – I’ll never forget

One of the most memorable times I have had in a while on the streets of downtown ABQ. There were four of us: Robin, Peter, Gabe and myself – one of which had never done anything like this before. It was crazy.

It started out with a nudge from Holy Spirit to bring a video camera and capture what He was going to do. Then on the way to New Life City some other cool prompts of bringing some musical instruments next time we go out. It was confirmed with Barbara sharing with me what she felt God put on her heart. Can’t wait for that 🙂

We parked the car downtown where we normally do, grabbed the bag of donated bagels that Christine brought to our attention (thank you! thank you!) and headed out towards 3rd & Central. Our first encounter was with an older gentlemen that broke our hearts. I have never seen a person look so dead. The poor man looked like a zombie. His eyes were so red, swollen and lost, teeth rotted and missing, skin pale and patchy but he was very polite and courteous in declining our offer of free bagels and prayer. Something which you would not have expected by the looks of him. It hurt my heart as he walked away. Still does. Not a hurt of rejection on my part but a hurt on his behalf knowing he is walking away from the very thing that will lift his head. Bring him out of the darkness. Oh God!!! Encounter him deeply, bring him out of the ashes into your loving arms of safety and provision. Give him more chances. Help us see what he needs to allow You in . . . I want to meet him again . . .

That was rough. My hurt is jolted into something fierce for him. I still see his face so clearly.

We moved on and met Corey. A young man trying to make his name in the music industry. We prayed blessings over his venture of music production that his heart would be stirred with the Holy Ghost and bring into the industry the Kingdom of God. Robin was amazing pouring the Father’s heart into him.

It’s pretty cool how once you are moving in the Spirit, the world around becomes distant and there is a heightened focus, an acute sense of the now – both spiritually and naturally but mainly spiritually. It’s the Kingdom of God manifesting! It’s crazy cool.

We moved on. Took a right into the breeze way by 4th & Central and met three boys. All brothers. The oldest was 17. The youngest looked about 10 or 11. They just so happened to be taking a break from promoting their uncles barber shop. I love divine encounters.

We talked for a bit about lots of things. Science. Facts. God. Religion . . . seemed like everything but politics and the kitchen sink. We prayed blessings over them and words of knowledge were released. Life was spoken over them in only the way the Holy Spirit could. Robin asked if they would like to feel the presence of God. The middle brother without hesitation, excitedly replied, “YES!”. She put her hand on his shoulder. There was a slight pause. Then she said do you feel anything. Then a smile with a tinge of bewilderment began to take shape on his face and he said, “a slight tingling?” Robin replied, “That is the presence of God touching you right now.” Then he really smiled . . . BIG! The other two brothers looked on with amazement. Robin asked the oldest if he would like to feel the presence of God. He quickly agreed, but you could tell he was skeptical. Again Robin lays her hand on him. She prays then asks what he felt. He said I really don’t feel anything. Then Holy Spirit said tell him peace. So I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed peace over him. Then asked,

“Do you feel peace?”
Knowing I knew he felt something I prodded, “What do you feel?”
“That is great!”
“Well calm is another way to be at peace 🙂 You were just touched by God!”

Suddenly a huge smile came over him and you could tell something huge just happened in him. He will never be the same after that.

Then we asked the youngest brother if he would like to feel the touch of God. Without any hesitation and with eager anticipation he enthusiastically nodded yes multiple times. So Gabe, Peter and Robin laid their hands on him and not a second later he was instantly experiencing the presence of his Creator. It was a precious time. They were all simply amazed by the power of God and how tangible He was. You could tell their lives were deeply touched, never to be the same again. It was simply awesome!!!

We moved on and prayed for Mike and his huge heart for others who are down and out like him. He was greatly encouraged so much that his slump was transformed into raised shoulders and head! It was beautiful to see rejuvenation and hope rise up in him. God moves like that. So easily, so freely!!!

On we went. I noticed there was a weathered looking women sitting on the steps of the 7eleven smoking. I had seen her pass by earlier while praying for the three boys and my heart was moved for a split second as the rest of me was still with boys. My spirit gave out what seemed like a quick prayer in the natural but it felt much deeper than that, much heavier. Almost like it was an hour of devoted prayer in the natural but lasted less then a second and suddenly my attention was back on the boys. This spiritual time warp, which is what it almost felt like, seems to be happening more often not sure exactly how to explain it but I sure don’t mind 🙂

The woman sitting on the steps looked very very tired and run down. So we approached her, offered her some bagels and prayer and she received both! Robin began speaking life and encouragement over her and her relationships and she began to feel better. Then I felt like she had some stomach issues which she said she didn’t so I pressed in and got foot problems. So I asked her if her foot was giving her problems. She said it was and that it was swollen. I asked if I could pray for it and she gave the ok.

Started praying and it looked like the swelling had decreased some and the color changed a little. I asked if she felt anything different and she said her shoe felt loose and that it didn’t seem to hurt any more. Robin asked if it hurt walking and she said yes. Then Robin asked her if she could try walking on it to see if the pain was all gone. She got up walked a little bit and the expression in her face said it all. There was truly no more pain! We asked how it felt and she said the pain was gone! It was so amazing to see Love triumph over hopelessness and physical pain! See the video below.

We met another man shortly after who received both a bagel and prayer but soon after, quickly became uneasy and asked us to leave. Bless him Jesus . . . bless him.

On we all went. We moved through the plaza where a protest was going on. A Spanish speaking protest tat that 🙂 As we moved through the protest I had the opportunity to pray for a man who didn’t speak English but either way was very receptive to the prayer 🙂

We were moving in the direction of the bus depot when we passed a man from Thailand. We all walked by him but Holy Spirit tugged me to look to my right and behind me and stop. There he was smoking. So I went over there and asked if I could pray for him. He looked a little perplexed and said, “I speak little Englesh.” I said, “No worries.” Motioned if I could pray for him and he agreed. So I prayed.

The rest of the group realized I had been pulled away from them and they all headed over. After I had prayed Robin, filled with the Holy Spirit, begin to get words of knowledge for him. She asked him if he had a family in Thailand that was trying to get over to the US. Suddenly his countenance changed and he said, “How you know that?!” Of course Robin told him it wasn’t her but through her relationship with the One True God that she knew these things. Because God loves him. He was very grateful and received all that was spoken over him. It was a beautiful site.

It ended up being an amazing afternoon. God is always amazing. We just need to act upon what He says and signs and wonders will follow. This Kingdom Living is truly what we are all created to do. The beautiful thing is that it gets easier and easier 🙂

May these words bring blessings over you through our King Jesus!

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