Daniel!? – My name is Daniel :)

It’s always fun in the Kingdom but it may not always look like fun at first, second or third glance. Sometimes it takes a perspective change to see it 🙂

Sunday was a fun day. Started out at NLC with some good ol’ ushering and greeting, good unifying words from Rabbi Nichol and ministry at the end. A good start to a day.

Then it was off to Sprouts for some produce shopping with my good friend Sandeep. Love that guy!!! While we were in the produce section commenting on various vegetables and Googling names of others a mother and her son walked by. They quickly grabbed my attention. The young boy about 4 years of age was tethered to their shopping cart and was walking ahead obviously entertained by his imagination as he muttered some silly words in passing. The unique thing is that it wasn’t one of those silly tether contraptions that harnesses the child to keep him from running off but rather a blue flex tube.

After a closer look there was no harness at all but a device attached to his throat. Then it dawned on me. The tube was providing oxygen to his lungs and the device allowed the tube to make this function possible.

My heart leaped inside as a flood of life sprang up inside. I needed to pray for them! So I quickly finished bagging the vegetables in my hand and placed it in the cart. I turned around and they were gone!? I was a bit perplexed thinking, “How could a kid with a tube coming from his throat move so fast?” It was like they just disappeared. My eyes scanned all around and they were no where to be seen. I asked Sandeep if he saw them and he replied, “I’m sorry I didn’t.” Now, that was a bit odd.

So Sandeep and I finished our grocery shopping and headed for the checkout with me scanning the store for any signs of this mother / son duo . . . but nothing 😦

In the checkout line we were joined by an older looking gentlemen who didn’t look very happy. I said hi and he nodded in acknowledgement. Sandeep finished checkout but had to leave early so he could get to his meeting on time but not before he let me taste the carrot chips he just purchased 🙂 They weren’t bad.

After checkout, my heart was still in anticipation for praying for the family. As I headed for the sliding doors I had a choice. Should I go find them or give up and go home. What do you think I did? If you guessed I decided to go find them you would be absolutely not . . . . . . . WRONG! I took a left not a right. Back into the store I went zipping up and down aisles, around display end caps . . . but still no a sign of them. But I knew in my hear the opportunity would arise. I just knew it. Maybe it wasn’t for now. Maybe it was for another time in the near future. Maybe, maybe, maybe . . . I maybed myself back to the sliding doors to exit and my knee suddenly began to hurt. Could it have been all the running up and down the aisles with my shopping cart? Maybe? But as I was exiting the store the gentleman that joined Sandeep and I in the checkout line who didn’t look very happy was right there leaving the store as well. Hmm . . . I couldn’t resist . . .

“Excuse me sir!?” – he turns around
“Sorry to bug you, but I was wondering if you are experiencing any knee pain?”
He answered with an uncertain , “No!?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” – as he started to walk away.
“Ok, Bless you and have a wonderful day!”

Hmm, So I just stood there and prayed for his knee to be better. My pain left. Maybe his pain was suppressed so much he didn’t recognize it. Maybe not. I kept standing there pressing into the Father and remember saying, “Father you will provide.” Provide for the mother son family.

Off I went to put all the goodies in my car. And wouldn’t you know I passed by the guy I just asked how his knee was doing and said hello again. This time he smiled at me. Not one of those courteous smiles but a genuine one. Almost like this guy is crazy. Then he got into his car. That was worth it all. It was pretty cool. God is really amazing.

I finished loading my groceries into the 4Runner and scanned the parking lot for a place to return the shopping cart. I saw one on the very far side furthest from the store but closest to me and I saw one closest to the store, right up against the wall, but furthest from me. I felt in my heart to head across the parking lot and put the cart in the bin next to the store and save the store associate some time and effort gathering the carts later that day.

Off I went again, in the opposite direction of what would have been an easy close to a shopping experience. It didn’t bug me. I was listening to my heart, that still small voice. I like walking and riding on the cart 🙂 I also like listening to the still small voice 🙂

In my coasting towards the store, “for some reason,” I noticed a weathered, goldish-brown mini-van. I think it was one of those old Ford Aerostars but on further examination I noticed something more important, the silhouettes of two people inside. One silhouette, in particular, was a tad bit smaller and had a tube coming from it.

No way! Could this be them! The mother and son from the store? It was!!! This was like a little miracle to me 🙂 I could have totally missed this one. I could have returned the cart to the other bin and would have never passed the van. I would have never seen them! Com’on Jesus!!!

So I zipped on my shopping cart over to the van. Jumped off and walked over. I noticed the driver side window was down a quarter of the way so I put my face in the opening and said . . .

“Excuse me ma’am!”
She looks up almost like she was in trouble, “Yes?”
“I saw you and your son in the store earlier . . . may I pray for your son!?”
“Oh, yes . . . yes please!”

I walk around to the passenger side and she opens the sliding door. One of his toys falls out. I return it and introduce my self and say . . .

“Hi, my name is Daniel!”
Her eyes get big – “That is his name!”
“His name is Daniel?”
“Yes!, sorry I no speak English well. I am D . . . (I apologize as I forgot her name but it stated with D)”
“Oh, that is no problem 🙂 Do you mind if I put my hand on your son Daniel?”
“No, it ok.”
I place my hand on his shoulder – “Daniel, my name is Daniel and God loves you!”

The Love of the Father fell on that old Ford minivan touching not just the Mother and son but me. Prayed for healing for Daniel and Daniel’s mama. Prayed for increased provision and favor. Prayed for wisdom for her and encouraged her. It was very beautiful and I was so blessed to be a part of it. So blessed!

After I had prayed she was in tears, thanking me and our Father for this. Daniel had already moved on to another toy.

Wow! Wow! Wow! His presence was so thick. Was Daniel healed? I don’t know but I am believing that the next doctor’s appointment will be one of great thanksgiving and joy! I know his mama was overwhelmed by the Creator of the Universe! Who knows, this could have been an answer to her prayers!? Either way . . . Praise God!!

If you feel led, take a moment and lift up Daniel and his mama to our King of Kings!

Jesus, This is what you do! You make me come ALIVE!!!

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