Fun with Timing

Had to share this fun little divine timing story . . .

So last night after the Heaven’s Impact Conference we take our normal way home I-25 to Paseo del Norte. Right at the off ramp there are signs indicating there is road work and lane closures. It’s been a long day and I was like “oh this is gonna be fun. This is gonna take longer than we had hoped :(“

As I turn onto Paseo the lane I thought I was going to turn into was the closed one. Dang 😦 Could have sworn it said left lane closed ahead. But thankfully the barrels directed us into a different lane that was open. Yah! I start to scan to see if I could exit before entering this bumper to bumper congestion but sadly we were trapped.

Getting a little bummed that still small voice inside said look at it from My perspective. So I tell my wife well we must be here for a reason as we slowly inch forward. My heart changed and I could see the situation much differently. Instead of frustration it was a time to enjoy the calm. Instead of getting impatient it was time to relax and reflect.

We’ll get home when we need to get home. Still inching forward.

Then all of a sudden I get a phone call. Typically I don’t answer my phone while driving mainly cause I don’t realize it is vibrating and secondly . . . well, I simply don’t like it. Makes me feel too distracted . . . but I will text for sure!!! . . . Ha ha ha, just kidding πŸ™‚

Turns out it is a good friend and she wanted to know if I was at church still. Sadly I told her I was not.

“Oh, bummer :(“
“What’s up?”
“I forgot my wallet 😦 :(“
“Oh shoot, that’s not good!”
“I know 😦 😦 :(“

Long story short I gave her a number to call and she ended up driving back to get her wallet.

The cool thing is the timing. She had just called her husband who was just about to take off from an airport super duper north from here in a different state and got my number cause she knows I tend to stay late at church. She calls me, who just so happened to be in traffic, who rarely picks up cause I rarely realize the phone is ringing / vibrating and who isn’t the biggest fan of driving and holding a phone. I give her the phone number in hopes they are still at church. She calls and they are in their car in the parking lot at the church just about to close the car door and drive away.

Now that is fun with timing!

God is fun like that and when we slow down to just breathe in His breath we can see Him play! He is sooo gooood!

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