One man’s stance

#FreeSaeed #SaveSaeedHere I am at another Wednesday reflecting on my brother in prison in Iran. What can I do?

Continue to Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini that’s what! Continue to bring awareness to his unjust imprisonment. Continue to set reminders to pull my focus back and not forget!

Here is one brother in Christ doing just that, Steve.

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It’s week 12 and Steve has not shaven his beard. Seems like an insignificant stance to show his support for Saeed but lets just think about this for a little bit. Here is a man who hasn’t shaved in 12 weeks. His facial hair each week is getting longer, taking extra work to clean and I am sure people asking him questions . . . “What’s with the beard?” . . . “You gonna shave that thing?” . . . “What’s up Santa Clause?”

But now an opportunity has been born. The opportunity to bring awareness to Saeed’s plight! To share the reason behind the beard. Now other’s have been introduced to Saeed’s unjust imprisonment. Others now have an opportunity presented to them. Others now have a choice to make.

But that’s not all.

A simple act of not shaving continues to be a constant reminder not only to Steve but to all who know him. They are reminded that there is a brother in Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a friend, a United States citizen imprisoned unjustly in Iran. It grabs our attention from our busy schedules, from our hustle and bustle, from our everyday life and evokes a response. Maybe for a few seconds. Maybe just enough to pause and pray. Maybe enough to write a post on Facebook or Tweet to the world.

Either way, something that appears to be so simple, so subtle and some might so say insignificant, suddenly bursts with life, with opportunity, with action.

It begs the question: “What else can I do to show my support for Saeed Abedini and help bring awareness to his plight until he is free?”

What if I committed to do something once a week that would symbolize my support for Saeed until he is free? That would bring attention to his unjust situation? What would that look like?

Here are some random things that may help you get your creative juices flowing to do just that. Then you could take a picture and post it to your favorite social media outlet, this Facebook page, or both once a week!

You could . . .

  • Change your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, etc . . . profile and cover pic every Wednesday morning. Then on Thursday change it back. Here are some pics you can use:
  • Post on your social media using the links below
  • Be like Steve let your beard grow – not recommend for you ladies out there 🙂
  • If you’re a guy who typically shaves, don’t shave.
  • Paint your nails all red, then change the color the next day
  • Paint a thumbnail red, keep it red or remove it the next day
  • Grow your hair out.
  • Braid your hair
  • Put a bead in a strand of hair each week
  • Wear a tie if you usually don’t.
  • Wear a bow tie instead of a tie
  • Wear a button
  • Wear a specific outfit every Wednesday
  • Wear a specific shirt every Wednesday
  • Wear glasses one day then not the next.
  • Wear a specific hat one day
  • Wear a mismatch shoe one day
  • . . .

If you have any other suggestions please post in the comments below!

What will you do? Post it next week on your social media and let us know 🙂