noah_movieToday I sit and wonder about all the commotion this Noah movie directed by Darren Aronofsky has stirred amongst you my brothers and sisters.

Then I get the sobering news from a young friend of mine whose friend was thrown out of his house by his parents and then shortly after killed himself.

The funeral was yesterday.

This put things in perspective.

I think about this and I think about a movie that challenges what we have come to understand about Noah in the Bible.

I have read many articles condemning the movie and many suggesting the opposite.

I think about all the energy put into this film Producers, investors, actors, crew members, marketeers, movie goers, columnists, . . . the list goes on and on. Yet a mother, a father is missing their son and filled with sorrow. The movie holds little if any weight in their minds at this time.

Then I pause . . .

All this is about people. People are needed to make a movie. People are needed to watch a movie. People are needed to have ideals. People are needed to throw people out into the streets. People are needed to kill themselves.

When the dust settles from the whirl winds of ideology, theology, yourology, myology, allology people will always be there holding what is left from all these applied “ologies”. It’s about people. Are these “understandings” more important to you then people?

Sure truth needs to be expressed but not done in Love what resounds? What is heard? What shattered remnants of life is further divided?

Don’t go watch the movie. Go watch the movie. Either way, Love the person who is not watching the movie and who is watching the movie. You are a vessel of the Creator of the universe. He lives in you. See that person like Jesus sees. Movie or no movie. Release His Love and change the world!

You never know whose life will be changed.

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