A Symbol

FlaggingI discovered something over the weekend that changed me. I feel like a kid experiencing falling snow for the first time. Perplexed, giddy, awed, exuberant. I never would have thought that something I see my brothers and sisters . . . well mainly my sisters do . . . would have touched me so deeply.

I am still just thinking wow. Why didn’t I make the connection. It is so obvious. I mean I totally see this as an act of worship, a release of what Holy Spirit is doing. Something that changes atmospheres, But . . . dang. It’s a symbol of territory. A symbol of a nation. Of a Kingdom. It marks ownership. Dominion. Allegiance.

What is this thing that has hit me so profoundly?

A flag.

Well not just a flag. More importantly a vessel. A vessel filled with the Creator of the universe taking the flag and wielding it with authority, with identity, with allegiance! A vessel that holds true no matter the cost bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.

The Kingdom of God has a flag and it is Love! Love is what takes this vessel and fuels it. Powering it to move with the Symphony of Heaven. Hand in hand with God, releasing Love and bringing light into darkness. Triumphing over strongholds. Taking back territory.

All this in holding and wielding a flag? I say yes and more.

When God get’s a hold of you and transforms you with His Love flagging is an expression of what He is doing in you and through you. It’s captivating not just because of how beautiful it looks with colors soaring and twisting and fluttering but it’s captivating because Holy Spirit is in it. He is attractive. He is light. He is what the lost children want.

Now you can see a glimpse of Heaven. It’s unbelievable and will captivate you. I’m captivated.

When you realize what this is . . . Everything changes.


Thank you Caleb Brundidge! – http://www.calebbrundidge.com/