One of my Favorites

One of my favorites moved on to be with my Father early this year. Lucky gal!!! Miss you and I will never forget those amazing times with Holy Spirit with you!

You are a rare gem that reflected the many facets of our King.

As I watch many miles away those gathered remembering and honoring you today I can’t help but remember our times together.

The first ministry training I attended you were at the helm. I was literately knocked off my feet as Holy Spirit flowed through you and touch this son who was discovering his identity. It was a wild moment I will never forget.

There were many many times you prayed for others and I was there to catch when Heaven invaded Earth taking my breath nearly every time! You would even say at times “Are you getting some of This?” Remembers those times? Of course you do now! Super crazy fun!

I am not sure if I ever told you but there was another time in my life our Father was building something amazing that day and you were part of it! Seems like you were involved somehow, directly or indirectly, in the many many things our Father was doing. You can read more about it here but I am sure you know the deeper things, the eternal things of it now 🙂

Goods times in the Kingdom for sure!

One particular time you took me aside after opening the foyer doors for you and said something that really hit my heart. Remember what you said? “Daniel, you honor me like a mother.” I can’t exactly remember what I said but it was something like “Of course. You are :)”

So much Life you poured out. So many words you spoke to me and to others.

You were a spiritual momma that taught me many things of the Spirit. You encouraged me and corrected me. I will miss opening the doors for you and helping you with your things and being there when the Spirit’s Fire touches!

I will miss hearing “Hey, Rocketman!”

You saw the great things in people that we are all still moving into.

I miss you but I am eager to see you soon!

Thank you Momma! Thank you!