VidAngel Follow Up Part 1 . . .

VidAngel LogoAfter a bunch of movies later I think I can safely say that I really like VidAngel. It’s a little odd on how the whole sell back and buying process works but once you get the hang of how it works it’s actually pretty cool. You can find a “How to” at VidAngel for the “official” explanation.

Here is how it works from my experience:

  1. Buy a movie for $20 or what ever the price is listed. So far its only been $20.
  2. Watch the movie
  3. Decide if you want to sell it back to VidAngel or keep it in your owned movie list.
    1. You only have 24 hours to make this decision. Once 24 hours are up and you have not sold the movie back to VidAngel, the movie is yours.
    2. If you decided to sell back continue to step 4
  4. Sell the movie back for only $1 for Standard Definition (SD) or $2 for High Definition (HD)
  5. The account is now credited $19 or $18 depending on if you bought the SD or HD version. Lets say we bought the HD version and the account now has $18 in credits. Think of this $18 as store credit that you can apply to any movie.
  6. Buy another movie for $20 but since your account has $18 in credit you only pay $2 to make up the difference. This $2 includes the sell back if you so choose.
  7. Watch the movie and choose to have the movie auto sell back if you like
  8. Sell back the movie or keep the movie
  9. Let’s sell it back
  10. Since you now own the $20 movie you can sell it back minus the $2 and $18 is again credited to the account to be applied to another movie. You can now repeat steps 6 – 9 over and over and over to your hearts content and watch recently released movies like at Redbox for $1 or $2 dollars without leaving the comfort of your home!

So basically you are paying $18 or $19 bucks for a movie the first time and you will never get this back unless you contact them for a refund which they will do with no problem. After the initial $18 or $19 you pay to VidAngel all further purchases cost either $1 for SD or $2 for HD making it much like a rental if you so choose to sell back. The $18 or $19 is pretty much like a one time fee to use VidAngel’s services to filter your movie for as long as you want.

Hopefully this makes sense as it can be a little confusing but I think it is worth it due to the ease of use to watch recent and newly released movies for $1 or $2 with the option to filter out the crud 🙂

One of the draw backs I am currently finding is getting the movies to play easily on my big screen TV. I will be going into more details about this process in my “Follow Up Part 2” blog so stay tuned!

Let me know your experience with VidAngel in the comments below!