Posted this 3 years ago today on Facebook. Thought I would repost here.


This is simply a rambling of my mind right now as I eat a grapefruit 

So amidst my healing from this nasty bug I was thinking about sickness and dis-ease. I was thinking about the fall of Adam and Eve. Something I was brought up with never really set well with me with the whole “fall” thing. It has always been back there in my mind that God cursed the ground and cursed Adam and Eve for things to be harder as a punishment.

But something inside was not ok with this thinking. It didn’t fit well with what I truly know of my God. He is not one to bring dis-ease to His children.

I sometimes think we make God the devil during our time of sickness. I know I have thought this . . . “Why did You allow this?”, “Why aren’t You doing anything?”, “Why God, Why!?”

It’s like God made me sick or is keeping me sick. For the most part I don’t think this way any more but my mind is constantly being renewed . . . transformed.

Anywho back to the whole God cursed this and that thing. So I went to the Bible and reread the fall in Genesis. I came upon 3:17-19. Nowhere does God curse anything. Our actions did or essentially we do the cursing.

So my brain likes to keep rolling with this stuff sometimes. Not to often but today off it went . . .

So here goes . . .

Before the fall Adam and Eve (we) have dominion over the earth and are called to be fruitful and multiply. So being in right standing with God, walking and talking with Him like a good friend and father with out a thought of Him not being there. We moved with God in all things.

I wonder what type of dominion and power we truly had over the earth? Must have been a lot. Enough to bring life because it was enough to curse and bring death.

I guess my point of the whole ramble is that God didn’t curse anything and we had so much power over the Earth. The power to bring life and the power to curse it. We now move in the same right standing as Adam and Eve did before the fall.

There is so much power given to us as children of God. We can either curse the things of this world with our words and actions or bring life and build up the world.

We see the turmoil curses cause from the beginning. I suggest we move out of that thinking and into the renewed thinking in Christ!

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