About Me

I am just a regular guy that was touched radically by God in the summer of 2011. From that point on everything changed! Before, the Christian life seemed powerless, mundane and riddled with rules.

Crazy stuff had been happening.

I was on a search for something more than what I was living. There was more to this Christian life then going to church on Sunday, walking in duty, helping people, analyzing how to spread the gospel.

The hunger set in.

Long story short, we were introduced to a school, a school called – The School of the Kingdom. It opened my eyes to the reality of things. Things became shadows and copies and that which is eternal become alive!

I discovered I was a son of Yahweh! The son of the Creator of the universe. I began to understand who I was. That is when the impossible began to become possible.

There is never a dull moment in the Kingdom of God!

. . . and this is my story 🙂