Is a President Trump Rally full of racists hate and violence we hear so much about 🤔

My Sister and I attempt to attend a President Trump Rally here in New Mexico on September 16th 2019. Is it full of racists, hate and violence we often hear about?

This video was made all on my phone 😲

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A New Mexico State Fair Day in 2019

The annual New Mexico State Fair is up us and so is the botanical creation competition. The theme this year was “Oh my Golly” and you had the choice to create a horse or rooster. What a fun day!

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VidAngel Logo

VidAngel Looses their fight with Disney for now . . .

Well it’s a sad day for those of us who would like to filter movies quick and easy using VidAngel. Unfortunately, the fight to filter Disney movies comes to an end for now. VidAngel will pay Disney $62 million, ouch!

This fight is far from over but whats interesting is that VidAngel made Disney a profit. Not a lot when looking at the big picture but it was a profit none the less made by a small start up. Lots of speculation to be made here.

You can read the full letter from Neal Harmon, Co-founder & CEO of  VidAngel, to Robert Iger, Chairman and CEO of the The Walt Disney Company.

Have a blessed day 🙂


I cut off all my hair & donate it to Children With Hair Loss

Some say I looked like Jesus, others a hippie but all that has changed 😲 Come watch the process!

Children with Hair Loss
Salon 47
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Dream by LiQWYD (Future Dreams)
Pursuit by Anton Vlasov (Extreme)
Better Times – Instrumental Version by Bamtone (Better Times)

Mardi Gras 2019 – Bringing the Kingdom

Every Mardi Gras is different and this one was no exception 😲

In this video we share a small taste of what God was doing through us in New Orleans. It was a powerful time sharing the Love of Jesus with the direction of Holy Spirit 😃

We moved in Love and not condemnation unlike many of the street preachers blaring their message through their bullhorns.

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