Bread of Life – Feeds the Heart!

New Life City is filled with people that simply mirror Jesus! It’s beautiful. I am so honored to be part of the family there!

One reflection of Christ is the food distribution ministry every 2nd Tuesday of the month dubbed Food Bank, Food Pantry, Mobile Food Bank, etc . . . It’s now been over a year of giving food every month to over 50 families. That’s a lot of food and a lot of families. That is pretty remarkable. What a huge impact for the Kingdom!

Today was one of the most deep felt food banks I have experienced in a long time. God’s love broke down walls like I have never seen in people I always hoped for! It was Glorious!

It started out with the delivery truck running over an hour late. This pushed things back, way back but out of this delay there was great opportunity. Opportunity for the Love of the Father to reach deep into the hearts of the precious ones waiting for some Bread of Life!

Being a bit dead in the food receiving station at NLC, I ventured over into the waiting room area. Looked over everyone and asked my Dad which one He wanted to touch right now. Nothing really came to mind so I walked over to the closest person to me. I had met her before and she had a son who was in secondary education. We talked a bit about life and then Holy Spirit made me come Alive! She said some things and that is when He began to build her up and fill her with life. It was fun to see! It’s sort of like when you have a wireless power drill that is slowly running low on battery life. The drill slows down and eventually it stops doing what it was designed to to do, you know . . . drive in screws, drill holes, remove screws, etc . . . drilling/driving stuff. So you have to put the drill aside and recharge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged it brings the power back into the drill and you can carry on with what ever task you may have. She was like the drill and her battery needed a recharge which Holy Spirit provided at no cost!

Then I felt that across the room another woman needed prayer. So away I go. I ask her if she needed prayer for anything. She said she was fine but was feeling a bit under the weather. So I prayed for the sickness and congestion to go. She said it felt a little better. Yah God!

I then slipped over to a gentleman sitting on the end of the aisle and asked if there is anything I could pray for him. He said no but thanked me for asking.

On I went and said hello to another friendly face. She was an elderly women who was crocheting. We spoke a bit about that and she explained to me that she was making a large quilt from all the crochet patches she was making. It was going to be for her granddaughter. “Now that is a labor of love,” I said. She agreed. As she was talking she would touch her upper jaw by her ear. I asked if her jaw was feeling ok. She said no. Apparently she had woken up that morning with a misaligned jaw that was causing some major discomfort. I asked if I could pray for it. She hesitated then said, “Sure, why not :)” I asked if I could touch her upper jaw gently with my finger. She agreed. Then a wave of His presence flowed through me. Prayed a quick healing prayer and asked her how it was. She looked at me in disbelief. She kept opening and closing her mouth moving from side to side with a child like look on her face like she was just awarded with a handful of the world’s finest most colorful gum drops. She looked at me half grinning and said . . .

“The pain . . . Oh my gosh . . . the pain . . . I can’t believe it. No really the pain is almost gone!!!”
I said, “Almost?”
“I can still feel it a little bit.”
“Ok, do you mind if I pray for it again? This time it’s gonna go for good!”
“Yes please do!”

Again I place my finger on her upper jaw by her ear and command the pain to go and for 100% complete healing. I asked her to try it again . . .

“Oh, my gosh!!! . . .Β  it’s gone! . . . the pain . . . it’s gone!”
“Yeah!, He loves you so much! He took your pain!”
“Wow, I know, I know He loves me!”

During this whole healing process her niece or grand daughter I can’t remember which but either way they were related somehow was in complete amazement. She was wide eyed and opened mouthed. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. I remember saying something to the effect of this – “This is what the Kingdom of God is all about!”

As I was moving out from the chairs and around the two ladies I noticed that the niece / grand daughter had a sketch pad. I asked her if she drew and she said yes. I asked if she would mind showing me one of her drawings. She agreed. The first page was just the beginning of a sketch but it was her name and a proclamation that this was her sketch pad. I said that is pretty cool. She was like I just started it how could it be cool. So I explained myself a little more. You made a declaration that this was something new you were going to do. Almost like a healing process. She was like yeah in a, how’d you know that kinda way. Then Holy Spirit poured His beautiful awesomeness all over her. She was deeply touched by the Creator of the Universe and tears began to fall. Her grandmother / great aunt reached around her and hugged her while Heaven rained down.The Kingdom of God had just bloomed into power and love all over that place!

I gracefully blessed them and walked away. As I was passing by another lady waiting for the truck to arrive, I felt in my heart to see if she needed prayer. She thought it over for a few seconds and decided she did. I asked if there was anything in particular I could pray for her. She mentioned one thing and it was a pretty big bummer but to me it spoke a lot about what was about to happen. I have asked this person if she needed prayer in the past but she would always reply that she was fine. Today was going to be different. So I prayed for her situation and then other things begin to suddenly appear in my head. I would ask her if that was true and she would agree. Turns out the young woman sitting next to her was her sister and she was watching / listening to what was going on. She would also confirm that the things that suddenly came into my mind were correct. These thoughts were all about her strengths and the things about here that get taken advantage of. I told her she was made with purpose. She had great value! then I asked if I could give her a hug on behalf of the God of all creation wanting to love on His daughter. She agreed.

Then some words just came out of my mouth. I asked . . .
“Do you know who Jesus is?”
“Have you ever asked Him into your heart?”
“Really!? That’s great news then! . . . You know why? It’s cause you have something so powerful living inside of you! And anytime the enemy comes against with lies you have the authority through Jesus Christ to tell the lies and enemy to go! Did you know that?”
“You do!”
She smiles more confidently after this and like the power drill above life came back into her ! πŸ™‚ It was awesome!!! Talk about the Kingdom is now and coming!!!

We talked a little bit more but after our conversation she looked like a different person. An empowered person. A person that was confident and determined. She was quite the changed person and her sister was pretty amazed too.

Then I prayed for both of them. That ended up being pretty sweet too! God is so amazing. There is so much He has for us. We just need to step over fear into faith and watch His goodness flow! It’s so much fun!

I left as the two sisters talked and walked over and prayed for another woman and her grandson. Seemed like all the guys that day were not so open to prayer . . . oh well.

There were a few more people touched by God that morning. Some cried. Some overwhelmed with peace. Some just thankful for the food.

I look back and smile now πŸ™‚ You don’t always get the privileged to see both the start of something Glorious and the result from His Glorious flow all in less than a few hours. Today was a day full of privilege.

Go bless someone today πŸ™‚

Daniel!? – My name is Daniel :)

It’s always fun in the Kingdom but it may not always look like fun at first, second or third glance. Sometimes it takes a perspective change to see it πŸ™‚

Sunday was a fun day. Started out at NLC with some good ol’ ushering and greeting, good unifying words from Rabbi Nichol and ministry at the end. A good start to a day.

Then it was off to Sprouts for some produce shopping with my good friend Sandeep. Love that guy!!! While we were in the produce section commenting on various vegetables and Googling names of others a mother and her son walked by. They quickly grabbed my attention. The young boy about 4 years of age was tethered to their shopping cart and was walking ahead obviously entertained by his imagination as he muttered some silly words in passing. The unique thing is that it wasn’t one of those silly tether contraptions that harnesses the child to keep him from running off but rather a blue flex tube.

After a closer look there was no harness at all but a device attached to his throat. Then it dawned on me. The tube was providing oxygen to his lungs and the device allowed the tube to make this function possible.

My heart leaped inside as a flood of life sprang up inside. I needed to pray for them! So I quickly finished bagging the vegetables in my hand and placed it in the cart. I turned around and they were gone!? I was a bit perplexed thinking, “How could a kid with a tube coming from his throat move so fast?” It was like they just disappeared. My eyes scanned all around and they were no where to be seen. I asked Sandeep if he saw them and he replied, “I’m sorry I didn’t.” Now, that was a bit odd.

So Sandeep and I finished our grocery shopping and headed for the checkout with me scanning the store for any signs of this mother / son duo . . . but nothing 😦

In the checkout line we were joined by an older looking gentlemen who didn’t look very happy. I said hi and he nodded in acknowledgement. Sandeep finished checkout but had to leave early so he could get to his meeting on time but not before he let me taste the carrot chips he just purchased πŸ™‚ They weren’t bad.

After checkout, my heart was still in anticipation for praying for the family. As I headed for the sliding doors I had a choice. Should I go find them or give up and go home. What do you think I did? If you guessed I decided to go find them you would be absolutely not . . . . . . . WRONG! I took a left not a right. Back into the store I went zipping up and down aisles, around display end caps . . . but still no a sign of them. But I knew in my hear the opportunity would arise. I just knew it. Maybe it wasn’t for now. Maybe it was for another time in the near future. Maybe, maybe, maybe . . . I maybed myself back to the sliding doors to exit and my knee suddenly began to hurt. Could it have been all the running up and down the aisles with my shopping cart? Maybe? But as I was exiting the store the gentleman that joined Sandeep and I in the checkout line who didn’t look very happy was right there leaving the store as well. Hmm . . . I couldn’t resist . . .

“Excuse me sir!?” – he turns around
“Sorry to bug you, but I was wondering if you are experiencing any knee pain?”
He answered with an uncertain , “No!?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” – as he started to walk away.
“Ok, Bless you and have a wonderful day!”

Hmm, So I just stood there and prayed for his knee to be better. My pain left. Maybe his pain was suppressed so much he didn’t recognize it. Maybe not. I kept standing there pressing into the Father and remember saying, “Father you will provide.” Provide for the mother son family.

Off I went to put all the goodies in my car. And wouldn’t you know I passed by the guy I just asked how his knee was doing and said hello again. This time he smiled at me. Not one of those courteous smiles but a genuine one. Almost like this guy is crazy. Then he got into his car. That was worth it all. It was pretty cool. God is really amazing.

I finished loading my groceries into the 4Runner and scanned the parking lot for a place to return the shopping cart. I saw one on the very far side furthest from the store but closest to me and I saw one closest to the store, right up against the wall, but furthest from me. I felt in my heart to head across the parking lot and put the cart in the bin next to the store and save the store associate some time and effort gathering the carts later that day.

Off I went again, in the opposite direction of what would have been an easy close to a shopping experience. It didn’t bug me. I was listening to my heart, that still small voice. I like walking and riding on the cart πŸ™‚ I also like listening to the still small voice πŸ™‚

In my coasting towards the store, “for some reason,” I noticed a weathered, goldish-brown mini-van. I think it was one of those old Ford Aerostars but on further examination I noticed something more important, the silhouettes of two people inside. One silhouette, in particular, was a tad bit smaller and had a tube coming from it.

No way! Could this be them! The mother and son from the store? It was!!! This was like a little miracle to me πŸ™‚ I could have totally missed this one. I could have returned the cart to the other bin and would have never passed the van. I would have never seen them! Com’on Jesus!!!

So I zipped on my shopping cart over to the van. Jumped off and walked over. I noticed the driver side window was down a quarter of the way so I put my face in the opening and said . . .

“Excuse me ma’am!”
She looks up almost like she was in trouble, “Yes?”
“I saw you and your son in the store earlier . . . may I pray for your son!?”
“Oh, yes . . . yes please!”

I walk around to the passenger side and she opens the sliding door. One of his toys falls out. I return it and introduce my self and say . . .

“Hi, my name is Daniel!”
Her eyes get big – “That is his name!”
“His name is Daniel?”
“Yes!, sorry I no speak English well. I am D . . . (I apologize as I forgot her name but it stated with D)”
“Oh, that is no problem πŸ™‚ Do you mind if I put my hand on your son Daniel?”
“No, it ok.”
I place my hand on his shoulder – “Daniel, my name is Daniel and God loves you!”

The Love of the Father fell on that old Ford minivan touching not just the Mother and son but me. Prayed for healing for Daniel and Daniel’s mama. Prayed for increased provision and favor. Prayed for wisdom for her and encouraged her. It was very beautiful and I was so blessed to be a part of it. So blessed!

After I had prayed she was in tears, thanking me and our Father for this. Daniel had already moved on to another toy.

Wow! Wow! Wow! His presence was so thick. Was Daniel healed? I don’t know but I am believing that the next doctor’s appointment will be one of great thanksgiving and joy! I know his mama was overwhelmed by the Creator of the Universe! Who knows, this could have been an answer to her prayers!? Either way . . . Praise God!!

If you feel led, take a moment and lift up Daniel and his mama to our King of Kings!

Jesus, This is what you do! You make me come ALIVE!!!

Moris – I love your dogs!

After church Khaia and I stopped at Sprouts to get some vegetables and fruits for the coming week. We are always on the look out for people to Love. Talked to many. Blessed a few and checked out.

As we were walking towards the door, a man in a wheel chair with a women was in the front sitting down. He was busy drinking a gallon of water and really guzzling it down. We paused a bit to see if he was gonna stop but he kept on guzzling. So I thought, we’ll put the produce in the car and come back.

As I was loading up the car the two came out of the store. Then in a split second it hit me. We were parked by a handicap spot. Parking there would not have happened if it wasn’t for someone else taking the space I was heading to park in. There are no coincidences. I knew this was their van and we would have the opportunity to pray for them (so if your parking spot gets swiped from you look at it from a different perspective – it’s just another opportunity πŸ™‚ )

Sure enough they went over to the white van and began loading it up. Khaia and I walked over and asked if we could take their shopping cart. They agreed and were very grateful. As I grabbed the cart their dogs came out of their van. A small black chihuahua and a medium size black dog. They ran down the wheel chair ramp that was installed on the vehicle and ran around their masters all excited. I started talking with them and asked if I could pray for them. Again they agreed. His name was Moris. He specifically wanted prayer for stress and worry he was battling.

We prayed for the Peace that passes all understanding to come rain on his stress and worry. We spoke life into him and his wife. I asked if he felt better and he said yes and that he did feel the Peace! Yah God!!!

As we were walking away with the shopping cart, Moris said that was odd. Curious, I stopped and asked, “what was odd?”

He said the little chihuahua dog, I can’t remember it’s name, does not like people at all. He said he actually goes nuts and becomes very aggressive – barking, growling – you know how chihuahuas can get when they get their doggie undies in a bundies.
But the dog didn’t even bark once. It actually jumped in the lamp of Moris while we were praying like it knew us.

Then Moris said “The Lord must really like what you are doing cause, insert dog name here, was totally fine!”

That was pretty fun cause I wouldn’t have thought for once that his dog was vicious. It was completely at home.

Living in His Peace!

Peace of the Kingdom of God come upon you in Jesus name!

Malling it!

Friday night I felt the Father wanted me and my family to go to the mall. I saw a picture of us walking in the mall praying for people. So like most of the things I am shown by my Father, I step in.

Fist off, I am not a huge Mall kinda guy. I would rather go walk the trails of some remote mountain or wander among the bushes and trees of the Bosque or walk the streets to spread His Love. But today was a bit different. So off we all went to the mall.

Sure enough not long into our adventure we began praying for people. It was sparse. Many didn’t want prayer and many would even make eye contact. We were met with great rejection. Rejection here, rejection there. We’d pray as we walked away but I am not gonna say it didn’t bug me cause it did. So many are hurting, so many are lost, so many are looking for their Daddy. I pains me to see them in such a distracted and disoriented place in life. I just love them, sincerely love them.Β If they only knew who they truly are . . .

But thankfully there were those that were ok with prayer!

I had gotten separated from my family somehow and wondered around which tends to happen a lot but . . .

There was this little elderly women who had a cane. Love people with cans, wheel chairs and other obvious indicators that they are not ok cause my Daddy is gonna share His love!

I asked what was wrong and she explained that she had a stroke about 2 weeks ago and it had weakened her entire left side of her body with slight paralysis hence her dependence on the cane. Then I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed. I asked if I could hold her hand. She agreed. Prayed and asked how she was feeling.

She looked at me a little odd and said she felt different.
“What feels different?” I asked.
“I don’t know, I feel different.”
“Do you feel warmth?”
“My entire left side of my body!?”
“That is awesome! God loves you so much!”

She was touched and felt His presence! I asked her to test it out but she was a bit nervous and still perplexed. So we chatted for little bit longer and off I went.

Walked around a bit more – prayed for more people mostly indirectly

Finally met up with my family again and we walked together, popping in stores here, looking at stuff there, blessing people in all opportunities. It was pretty fun.

Then we ran into some friends we hadn’t seen for a while and we ended up talking with them, blessing them and just having a good time. There was a shift and it was a good thing! Something new was beginning and that was one of the main reasons for malling it that day!

God is good!!!

Love moves in!

Good times in the Kingdom this weekend! Headed out into the streets with Sean HamptonΒ to spread the Father’s Love. So many people were touched by Him.

This is how good God is and how great He Loves! This last Saturday Sean and I had walked to the downtown plaza after a few precious encounters with people. I noticed a man sitting all alone at about 100 or so feet from where we were standing as weΒ were asking our Father to show us who He would like us to Love. I felt God wanted me to speak with him. I quickly realized this was the same person that I had met a few weeks ago that had only responded to me with explicit words and would greatly appreciate it if I was not in his presence.

I asked my Father . . . Father, I know You love this man and you want to express Your Love . . . show me how to break through his wall cause only You know how. He said, offer to buy him a meal.

So I walked over there and I don’t know if he recognized me but it didn’t matter God was going to break through his wall. I just knew it. I quickly spoke and said something to this affect . . . I noticed you sitting over here and felt like I want to buy you a meal. Do you mind if I by you a meal? His stern and angry countenance changed to one of a suspicious disbelief. He responded with . . . no I don’t mind. I said, Great! What would you like. He said, A big mac, maybe one of those meals. I said, you got it. What kind of drink would you like. He said, coke. He then asked why I was doing this . . .

. . . that is when the walls came down and my Father’s Love entered in. We spoke for at least 30 minutes or so it felt. He told me many things and God spoke to him, encouraging and saturating him with love so deeply I was blown away!

I told him I need to leave and find my friend and go get him his food and began to walk off. He got up and signaled me to stop. He walked over and started to give me money asking me to buy him some cigarettes. I said I couldn’t accept his money for that but Holy Spirit spoke to me saying buy it for him. So I said would get the cigarettes for him. He was like no no no you don’t have to do that. I said if money wasn’t an option what brand would you like. He said Marlboros . . . Marlboro 100s but those are really expensive just get me the cheap ones. I said nope I’ll get you the best.

Some would criticize me for this and that is ok but just letting you know this is something I typically don’t do but I felt I was suppose too.

So I left to go to the corner store about a block a way to get smokes. On my way I met another individual that I met a few weeks ago . . . Thomas. Spoke with him for a little bit. He was a bit intoxicated. I asked if he needed anything. He did. A Dr. Pepper. I said I’ll get you a Dr. Pepper.

I entered the store, got the Dr. Pepper and waited in line. In line, I noticed the young woman at the cash registar didn’t look so good. It was finally my time to purchase the cigarettes and Dr. Pepper. I asked her how are things and she said fine. Then I said you’re not feeling that well are you. She said no. I asked if I could pray for her right now and she said yes. So I began to pray and was prompted by Holy Spirit to hold her hand. I asked her if that was ok. She said yes. Spoke the blessing power of God’s Love over her and for healing right over the counter. I asked her how she was feeling. She said better! She thanked me and I left. I gave Thomas his Dr. Pepper and blessed him with God’s Love. Then I gave my friend his cigarettes and he was shocked. He couldn’t believe it.

I left to get him the food I had promised and found Sean. He introduced me to his new friend Andy, I think . . . and said he was going to buy him a meal. I said that’s too funny I am doing the same thing but I need to get McDonalds. We worked out the details and Sean ended up taking him to get some pretty premium choicer burgers. Talk to Sean about that. It’s a whole other story and it’s awesome

Long story a little shorter I returned with the food and met my friend Robin. Gave him the food and he was beyond grateful. He thanked by immensely and I told him God loved him so much he brought a guy from Rio Rancho to downtown ABQ to buy him lunch and show him love.

He couldn’t believe what had happened. He asked what church I went to. I told him New Life City. He said I am going to go there. I said that is great, but that is not why I bought you food and why I am out here. It’s because God Loves you so much. It is not about getting you to come to my church. He said, I know but it sounds like your church is amazing and I would like to go. Thankfully I keep some life group business cards on me but had no pen. Robin said no worries on the pen and quickly and eagerly let me borrow his. I wrote down our service times.

Crazy awesome how flowing in His Love opens doors greater then what you could ever imagine. That is the Kingdom of God. Always available, Always moving, Always including!

Step into His presence today, be available and see what He will do through you!