Bread of Life – Feeds the Heart!

New Life City is filled with people that simply mirror Jesus! It’s beautiful. I am so honored to be part of the family there!

One reflection of Christ is the food distribution ministry every 2nd Tuesday of the month dubbed Food Bank, Food Pantry, Mobile Food Bank, etc . . . It’s now been over a year of giving food every month to over 50 families. That’s a lot of food and a lot of families. That is pretty remarkable. What a huge impact for the Kingdom!

Today was one of the most deep felt food banks I have experienced in a long time. God’s love broke down walls like I have never seen in people I always hoped for! It was Glorious!

It started out with the delivery truck running over an hour late. This pushed things back, way back but out of this delay there was great opportunity. Opportunity for the Love of the Father to reach deep into the hearts of the precious ones waiting for some Bread of Life!

Being a bit dead in the food receiving station at NLC, I ventured over into the waiting room area. Looked over everyone and asked my Dad which one He wanted to touch right now. Nothing really came to mind so I walked over to the closest person to me. I had met her before and she had a son who was in secondary education. We talked a bit about life and then Holy Spirit made me come Alive! She said some things and that is when He began to build her up and fill her with life. It was fun to see! It’s sort of like when you have a wireless power drill that is slowly running low on battery life. The drill slows down and eventually it stops doing what it was designed to to do, you know . . . drive in screws, drill holes, remove screws, etc . . . drilling/driving stuff. So you have to put the drill aside and recharge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged it brings the power back into the drill and you can carry on with what ever task you may have. She was like the drill and her battery needed a recharge which Holy Spirit provided at no cost!

Then I felt that across the room another woman needed prayer. So away I go. I ask her if she needed prayer for anything. She said she was fine but was feeling a bit under the weather. So I prayed for the sickness and congestion to go. She said it felt a little better. Yah God!

I then slipped over to a gentleman sitting on the end of the aisle and asked if there is anything I could pray for him. He said no but thanked me for asking.

On I went and said hello to another friendly face. She was an elderly women who was crocheting. We spoke a bit about that and she explained to me that she was making a large quilt from all the crochet patches she was making. It was going to be for her granddaughter. “Now that is a labor of love,” I said. She agreed. As she was talking she would touch her upper jaw by her ear. I asked if her jaw was feeling ok. She said no. Apparently she had woken up that morning with a misaligned jaw that was causing some major discomfort. I asked if I could pray for it. She hesitated then said, “Sure, why not :)” I asked if I could touch her upper jaw gently with my finger. She agreed. Then a wave of His presence flowed through me. Prayed a quick healing prayer and asked her how it was. She looked at me in disbelief. She kept opening and closing her mouth moving from side to side with a child like look on her face like she was just awarded with a handful of the world’s finest most colorful gum drops. She looked at me half grinning and said . . .

“The pain . . . Oh my gosh . . . the pain . . . I can’t believe it. No really the pain is almost gone!!!”
I said, “Almost?”
“I can still feel it a little bit.”
“Ok, do you mind if I pray for it again? This time it’s gonna go for good!”
“Yes please do!”

Again I place my finger on her upper jaw by her ear and command the pain to go and for 100% complete healing. I asked her to try it again . . .

“Oh, my gosh!!! . . .Β  it’s gone! . . . the pain . . . it’s gone!”
“Yeah!, He loves you so much! He took your pain!”
“Wow, I know, I know He loves me!”

During this whole healing process her niece or grand daughter I can’t remember which but either way they were related somehow was in complete amazement. She was wide eyed and opened mouthed. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. I remember saying something to the effect of this – “This is what the Kingdom of God is all about!”

As I was moving out from the chairs and around the two ladies I noticed that the niece / grand daughter had a sketch pad. I asked her if she drew and she said yes. I asked if she would mind showing me one of her drawings. She agreed. The first page was just the beginning of a sketch but it was her name and a proclamation that this was her sketch pad. I said that is pretty cool. She was like I just started it how could it be cool. So I explained myself a little more. You made a declaration that this was something new you were going to do. Almost like a healing process. She was like yeah in a, how’d you know that kinda way. Then Holy Spirit poured His beautiful awesomeness all over her. She was deeply touched by the Creator of the Universe and tears began to fall. Her grandmother / great aunt reached around her and hugged her while Heaven rained down.The Kingdom of God had just bloomed into power and love all over that place!

I gracefully blessed them and walked away. As I was passing by another lady waiting for the truck to arrive, I felt in my heart to see if she needed prayer. She thought it over for a few seconds and decided she did. I asked if there was anything in particular I could pray for her. She mentioned one thing and it was a pretty big bummer but to me it spoke a lot about what was about to happen. I have asked this person if she needed prayer in the past but she would always reply that she was fine. Today was going to be different. So I prayed for her situation and then other things begin to suddenly appear in my head. I would ask her if that was true and she would agree. Turns out the young woman sitting next to her was her sister and she was watching / listening to what was going on. She would also confirm that the things that suddenly came into my mind were correct. These thoughts were all about her strengths and the things about here that get taken advantage of. I told her she was made with purpose. She had great value! then I asked if I could give her a hug on behalf of the God of all creation wanting to love on His daughter. She agreed.

Then some words just came out of my mouth. I asked . . .
“Do you know who Jesus is?”
“Have you ever asked Him into your heart?”
“Really!? That’s great news then! . . . You know why? It’s cause you have something so powerful living inside of you! And anytime the enemy comes against with lies you have the authority through Jesus Christ to tell the lies and enemy to go! Did you know that?”
“You do!”
She smiles more confidently after this and like the power drill above life came back into her ! πŸ™‚ It was awesome!!! Talk about the Kingdom is now and coming!!!

We talked a little bit more but after our conversation she looked like a different person. An empowered person. A person that was confident and determined. She was quite the changed person and her sister was pretty amazed too.

Then I prayed for both of them. That ended up being pretty sweet too! God is so amazing. There is so much He has for us. We just need to step over fear into faith and watch His goodness flow! It’s so much fun!

I left as the two sisters talked and walked over and prayed for another woman and her grandson. Seemed like all the guys that day were not so open to prayer . . . oh well.

There were a few more people touched by God that morning. Some cried. Some overwhelmed with peace. Some just thankful for the food.

I look back and smile now πŸ™‚ You don’t always get the privileged to see both the start of something Glorious and the result from His Glorious flow all in less than a few hours. Today was a day full of privilege.

Go bless someone today πŸ™‚