The humanity of Jesus

This hit me like a train this morning. Luke 6:12-16

Jesus went out to the mountain to pray. It seems that He did this a lot in those days 🙂 (12)

But one particular night Jesus prayed all night long. All night! That’s a really long time (12)

The result, however, of that all night prayer was something pretty huge. He chose which disciples would be apostles (13).

So if Jesus is praying to the Father all night long for big decisions and He is what we can be like . . .

Am I praying like this for the things the Father has laid on my heart . . .

This is some radical stuff. Made me rethink my evenings. What would result if I went for a sensational time or went to the mountain? What would result if I watched a movie or entered in prayer? What would result if I hit the pillow or got on my knees?

What would result?