Toyota Tundra 4×4 takes on Cedro Peak OHV Trail

My friend Billy and I venture out on the Cedro Peak OHV Trail in his 4×4 Toyota Tundra. It’s his first time taking the Tundra. Will the Tundra go unharmed?

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🎢 Music

hold on to me by john coggins
purple tangerine by john coggins
burning sun by stefano mastronardi
i dont get the lesson by ziv grinberg
nothing can keep me from you by denitia
feel the beat by stefano mastronardi
slime time by randy sharp

Kayaking, floating, cliff jumping & more

We hit the weekend playing hard in northern New Mexico. This one’s a little lengthy but filled with breathe taking scenery and watery fun!


Kayaking Manzanita Lake at Lassen Volcanic National Park

In The Front by Ziv Moran (Legendary Royal)

Butterfly by Ian Post (A Life In A Day)

In Awe by Evolv (Pleasurable Tinnitus)

Never Wanna Grow Up by Katrina Stone (Never Wanna Grow Up)

Everybody Get Up by Ian Post (Gran Torino)

Searching For Skies by Geva Alon (Searching For Skies)

Guide Your Wild Eyes by Giants & Pilgrims (Bellwether)

Altitude by Muted (Muted)

Higher by Ian Post (Electric Fried)

Time Off by Ian Post (Wildlife)

Sunscape by Oliver Michael (One Moment) Artlist.wav

Slow Energy by Young Rich Pixies (Young Rich Pixies )