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Route 66 Summerfest in Albuquerque New Mexico 2018 was a great time to be out Loving people!

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Friday, August 3
Saturday, August 4


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Those fleeting moments

Finally got to posting, busy week this far.
Monday of this week I had to return my rental and pickup our 4Runner from the shop. I was shuttled over to the shop by one of the employees of the rental company.
We got to talking and just before he dropped me off I asked him if there was any pain in his body. He responded he didn’t have any. So I asked him if there was anything I could pray for him about. He searched and showed signs of not finding something so I started giving him ideas like health, family, finances, etc . . .
He then said he wanted to start a small business. I said well it just so happens I am a small business owner and I would love to Bless you in this.
So he got Blessed, I got Blessed and he was extremely thankful and encouraged.
Starting up conversations is the hardest part when talking to people.
Just remember it’s not about trying to convert someone to the way you believe. It’s always about the person with no strings attached. It’s about truly and genuinely being interested in the person because you truly Love them 😀
Here are a few one liners I use all the time that help break the ice but most importantly be you in all things. God didn’t make you to be someone else. He made you uniquely to encounter Him and this world in the way only you can. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful!
So go break some ice . . .
“This might sound weird but I was wondering if you are experiencing any pain, physical or emotional?
“I just felt that you could use some encouragement. You mind if I send some your way?”
“What do you think of the weather?”
“What a day. How’s your’s going?
“This is a pretty long line. What do you think?”
“That’s a pretty cool tattoo, if you don’t mind me asking what does it mean?
Be encouraged, Be available, Be expecting. The Kingdom of God is at hand 😀

4Runner in the shop . . . again

In all things there’s an opportunity, but it’s not always obvious until your mindset changes.

Our 4Runner is in the shop again. This time for an oil leak in crank seal or something like that. Why? Two years ago we took our vehicle in to get an oil change at the dealership down the hill. Everything seemed good until my wife drove about a mile from the oil change and the engine seized. She was able to get the vehicle started and back to the dealership but to our surprise the dealership admitted they removed the old oil but never replaced it with the new oil.

She was told the engine should be fine once the new oil circulated around the engine.

Long story short, after driving over 1,500 miles out of town we had to take the 4Runner back to the dealership due to major engine noises. We agreed to have the engine rebuilt at their cost. Hindsight I should have had them put a new engine in but here we are now with leaking oil.

Again they agreed to fix the leak at no cost but stated this would be the last fix as the warranty on the rebuild was up.

Frustrated, and after many conversations with management we finally agreed.

So today I dropped the vehicle off but instead of moving in frustration and disappointment I looked for opportunity to bless and encourage.

I met three people during this transaction all were blessed and one received prayer for his health condition, his wife’s health condition and his wife’s family’s hereditary health condition. It was good.

So we are trusting that what ever the outcome of our vehicle our Father will provide what we need when we need it.

Don’t let the circumstances dictate your actions. Respond in Love.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not irritable and does not count up wrongdoing or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Be encouraged, Be available, Be expecting. The Kingdom of God is at hand!


Did you even touch it . . . ImSozoed

Day packed with activity, family fun and evening slacklining 😀


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A Chimayo Pilgrimage – walk into tradition

Every year for about 70 years people walk to Chimayo for the El Santuario de Chimayo Pilgrimage and have been greeted for the last 30 years by a group of people who provide a safe place for them to rest and rejuvenate. This is a short story of those people.

Being sent to Haiti for Hurricane relief . . . Im sozoed

Donate to help with the Haiti Hurricane Relief efforts:

What a busy day. Haiti Hurricane Relief with Impact Nations, Blessing people in the streets of Albuquerque with the youth of New Life City . . . So much to say but instead I will let the video do the talking 🙂

Dos visitantes de hoy (two visitors today)

two peopleSo many amazing things have happened since the last post. I will write up a summary soon as it has been a roller coaster of an experience.

Back on track . . .

This afternoon two visitors showed up at my house today out of the blue. Two men I never met. Two hispanic men. Two men looking for help. An elderly gentleman and younger man about my age.

So here is what happened.

My daughter was out vacuuming our van due to the recent trip we took to Southern California. Suddenly she came running inside and notified me that two men wanted to speak with her Dad. I looked out the window and my first thought was that they wanted to help with my yard. We tend to get people asking if they can help with weekly yard maintenance. I guess my yard looks like it needs it?

So I go out there and ask if I could help them. The younger man, Jose, explained that they were looking for a hospital that the older gentlemen, Andres, needed to go to for a job. After much discussion we were able to narrow it down to one of the Presbyterian hospitals here in Rio Rancho. It was Rust medical center.

So I started explaining directions on how to get there, taking them by the curb of my house and showing them where they needed to go. Then I asked Jose,

“How did you end up here at my house?”
“We were driving and we got lost. So we drove down your street and stopped here. Then we noticed your daughter cleaning the van.”
“Did you stop anywhere else?”
“No, we just felt like we need to stop here. So we walked up to your daughter and asked if her Dad was home.”
“Oh, wow! That is pretty amazing that you stopped here out of all the places you could have ended up.”
“Yes, you are correct.”

As we talked some more I felt like I needed to draw them a map. So I said why don’t you come inside while I draw you a map. It was very windy and cold. As we were walking to the front door from the curb I asked if they believed in God.

Jose replies, “Yes we do!”
“Really, that is great! Do you believe in Jesus Christ? . . . I mean Jesus Christo the Son of God?”
“Yes very much we do!” They both nod with smiles.
“That is great news! So do I! This is no accident you stopped here and that you are looking for a job! I will have to pray for you both if you do not mind.”
“Oh no we don’t mind.”

So inside our house we go out of the cold and blustery wind. I introduce them to my family and explain why our front room looks a mess. They were very grateful. They didn’t seem to mind. I asked if they needed any food or drink. They both said they were fine and thanked me.

I finished drawing the map and we head outside. Then I ask if I could pray for them and bless Andres, the older gentleman for his job. They both agreed. We held hands and blessings of Love flowed out and touched their hearts. Then we departed but as we departed they stopped and thanked me greatly and that Andres would come by again. I told him that would be great. We will eat together the next time we meet. He smiled. Both Jose and Andres thanked me again and departed.

As I was walking away I felt so blessed. I felt like God was entrusting me with His children knowing that I would help and open my home to them. I really believe God directed them to our street where Khaia was out front vacuuming which from the street it would have been very difficult to see her. It felt more like a divine appointment. Like they both needed the blessing, prayer and encouragement. So did I 🙂

I am humbled yet again. It was a risk but well worth it for my Father!

Thank you Father for trusting me with your precious ones! I am Yours! Do what you want!