Bodyboarding the Rio Grande in New Mexico

When COVID-19 closes public pools we bodyboard the Rio Grande in New Mexico

All the public pools have been closed 😞 but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the summer. We took our bodyboards / boogie boards to the waters of the Rio Grande and ride it a few river miles! Join us on this sozoed adventure!

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🎢 Music

Dustins Dirtbike by Evert Z
Laurel Leaves by Modern Aquatic
Rhythm Within by Campagna
Eden Hazard by OK Otter
The Nest by Proxi Mal
Taking Some Inspiration by Stanley Gurvich

Social Distancing with Kayaks on the Rio Grande in New Mexico

We decided to kayak down the Rio Grande in New Mexico to social distance ourselves yet again from civilization and discover along the way a confluence of the Jemez River! Join us on our sozoed adventure πŸ˜ƒ

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🎢 Music
Through Their Mind by Stevie Ross
To Face the Unknown by Doug Kaufman
Hey Now by Campagna
Away We Go by Campagna