Mindset totally transformed! – 15 Year Anniversary Day 9 Summer RV Adventure 2016 vLOGvLOG

Day 9

A long drive from Yosemite Valley to Monterey Bay where we met up with Aunt Naomi, explored the Monterey Bay Aquarium, touched wild creatures like sting rays, watched sea otters play, sharks swim and divers make lots of bubbles . . . But sadly all the video was deleted by me . . . forever 😦 Not all was lost. Come along and enjoy the second part of our day on the 15 year anniversary of Katie’s and my wedding!


Heat exhaustion, lost GoPro but beautiful things . . . 06052016

Spent a good part of Saturday doing work out in the yard. It was hot, dirty, dusty work that seemed to never end. Moved loads and loads of wood chips to areas in the yard that required preparation. Part of that prep work was weeding and leveling the ground.

Then in the evening my family and I went to church and some where along the way the GoPro – along with all the video I shot of all the work that was done, newly purchased JOBY tripod and 64Gb micro SD card went missing 😦

This is a story of me drowning my sorrows in the outdoor beauty that is never lacking here in New Mexico.


What happened at Robinson Park by Downtown ABQ, Simply unreal

Watch what happened Sunday August 30th 2015 at Robinson Park by downtown Albuquerque. It was simply unreal!



New Life City Albuquerque, New Mexico