Malling it!

Friday night I felt the Father wanted me and my family to go to the mall. I saw a picture of us walking in the mall praying for people. So like most of the things I am shown by my Father, I step in.

Fist off, I am not a huge Mall kinda guy. I would rather go walk the trails of some remote mountain or wander among the bushes and trees of the Bosque or walk the streets to spread His Love. But today was a bit different. So off we all went to the mall.

Sure enough not long into our adventure we began praying for people. It was sparse. Many didn’t want prayer and many would even make eye contact. We were met with great rejection. Rejection here, rejection there. We’d pray as we walked away but I am not gonna say it didn’t bug me cause it did. So many are hurting, so many are lost, so many are looking for their Daddy. I pains me to see them in such a distracted and disoriented place in life. I just love them, sincerely love them.Β If they only knew who they truly are . . .

But thankfully there were those that were ok with prayer!

I had gotten separated from my family somehow and wondered around which tends to happen a lot but . . .

There was this little elderly women who had a cane. Love people with cans, wheel chairs and other obvious indicators that they are not ok cause my Daddy is gonna share His love!

I asked what was wrong and she explained that she had a stroke about 2 weeks ago and it had weakened her entire left side of her body with slight paralysis hence her dependence on the cane. Then I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed. I asked if I could hold her hand. She agreed. Prayed and asked how she was feeling.

She looked at me a little odd and said she felt different.
“What feels different?” I asked.
“I don’t know, I feel different.”
“Do you feel warmth?”
“My entire left side of my body!?”
“That is awesome! God loves you so much!”

She was touched and felt His presence! I asked her to test it out but she was a bit nervous and still perplexed. So we chatted for little bit longer and off I went.

Walked around a bit more – prayed for more people mostly indirectly

Finally met up with my family again and we walked together, popping in stores here, looking at stuff there, blessing people in all opportunities. It was pretty fun.

Then we ran into some friends we hadn’t seen for a while and we ended up talking with them, blessing them and just having a good time. There was a shift and it was a good thing! Something new was beginning and that was one of the main reasons for malling it that day!

God is good!!!

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